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We prefer a simple text link, please place our link on a prominent page of your site. The first page of your site is the  preferred location. If the link is not on your front page, please ensure the link is highly visible, and can easily be found when navigating from your front page. If I cannot find the link within a few seconds, your link request will not be approved. If the link is buried on a page of hundreds of links, your link request will not be approved. When the link is added proceed to step 2 and we will add your link asap.

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Anchor text should include Femdom: In most cases a simple link such as Femdom Personals is just great.

Description if needed: Female Domination movies and galleries with Dominatrix personals.

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Hard links only please - no forwarded php, partner program or other 'counter style' links. Your reciprocal link should be located on the website we are linking with, no remote frame links. Within Femdom, is amongst the most popular websites, a link from us will be beneficial to you.

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